how to play the grand mafia on pc or mac

How to play The Grand Mafia on PC or Mac

The Grand Mafia is a base-building game in the criminal style. The player will take on a role of a Mafia Boss, engaging in a variety of illicit activities to overtake other gangs and families. There are many different features in The Grand Mafia – base-building serves as the core of the game, but there’s also PvE and PvP combat to engage in, occasional in-game events to spice things up, and even a dating minigame.
The base-building part is relatively straightforward – to progress, the player will often need to construct or upgrade all sorts of buildings. Many serve a nefarious purpose – for example, the main way to make money in this game are buildings dedicated to counterfeiting. Other buildings, on the other hand, are simply needed for the day-to-day operations of the base and are not illegal by themselves. An infirmary simply heals the wounded people – the fact that they’ve got these wounds in a shootout over drugs is another story.
Combat in The Grand Mafia is relatively simple, though it still has a certain level of depth. The player can recruit three different types of combatants – Bruisers, Hitmen, and Bikers. They do different things and counter each other in a rock-paper-scissors fashion. There’s also a fourth type of combat unit – Mortar Cars, that serve a more specialized purpose.
The Grand Mafia is a fairly casual game, and so the developers only made in available on iOS and Android. It is still possible to play The Grand Mafia on PC, however – the guide below contains more information. It can also be used to play The Grand Mafia on Mac.

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