how to play hedon bloodrite on mac

How to play Hedon Bloodrite on Mac

Hedon Bloodrite is a retro shooter developed by Zan_HedonDev. Although heavily inspired by classics such as Doom, Hedon is set in a fantasy world, and describes itself as “crystalpunk”. The game also tries to move beyond being simply a shooter; besides combat, Heron also features exploration, puzzle-solving, and even RPG elements such as conversations and quests. Considering the game is more than 20 hours long, varied gameplay is pretty much a necessity.
But despite these additions, the action parts remain just as intense and adrenaline-inducing as they were in the 90s shooters. And don’t let the fantasy setting fool you; guns very much are a thing in this universe, and you will get to use a lot of them. Less technological options are available too, of course. Indeed, the game features a special difficulty called “Bearzerk” in which you’re only allowed to use melee.
Unfortunately, Hedon Bloodrite lacks a Mac version; it is only available on Windows and SteamOS. However, by using certain third-party tools, you can play Heron Bloodrite on Mac anyway. What are these tools? Read the guide below to find out.

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