best emulators on mac

Best emulators for Mac

When it comes to computers, emulation is a process of simulating a platform, such as a computer system or a gaming console, with the intent of running software on it. In simpler terms, what this means is that emulators allow you to play games and run programs that are not available on your Mac (or your PC, for that matter). However, this is done in a rather inefficient way, by making a virtual copy of the console inside your computer, and then running the game on that. Because of this, running a game on an emulator typically requires a device much more powerful than what it originally ran on, as this original device needs to be simulated. This is why emulators are generally only available for older systems. For example, you can emulate the original PlayStation and PS2 without much of an issue, but emulating PS3 – still a fairly old system – requires very powerful hardware, and emulating PS4 is currently borderline impossible. Certain tricks are used to make emulators faster, smoother, and less demanding, as not everything needs to be simulated perfectly, and corners can be cut here and there. But you also cannot simplify too much, because then things will stop working properly, the games will get buggy and start crashing. The best emulators for Mac do a very delicate job balancing all of this to provide you with the best experience possible. So what are they? Well, here’s a comprehensive list to get you started with emulation on Mac.

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