how to play king arthur knight's tale on mac

How to play King Arthur: Knight’s Tale on Mac

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is a tactical role-playing game developed by NeocoreGames. It tells a tale of Arthur’s rival, Sir Mordred. The two engaged in a duel to the death – but there was no victor, as both managed to slay each other. The story, rather obviously, doesn’t end there – even though he was killed, King Arthur managed to escape death through fae powers, resurrecting himself in Avalon. But his sanity did not survive the ordeal – now he wishes only to bring death and destruction to this land. To deal with this menace, Sir Mordred was brought back as well.
This is where your journey begins – you play as Mordred, tasked with defeating the mad king. You will take down many creatures – and humans as well – in highly tactical, turn-based combat. You will gather your own band of heroes, as you cannot battle alone. But heroes are not mere soldiers for you to command. They have their own agenda – make choices they don’t agree with, and they will leave or even betray you. The choices you make in this game are very real – King Arthur: Knight’s Tale features a branching-path campaign with multiple endings, so you need to actively work to get the result you want to see.
Although the game is available on Windows only, you can play King Arthur: Knight’s Tale on Mac as well – the guide below will walk you through the steps.

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