how to play strike force heroes on mac

How to play Strike Force Heroes on Mac

Strike Force Heroes is a shooter game developed by Sky9 Games and published by IndieArk. It is a remake of a Flash game that had the same name, and brings many new features to this old-school title. Just like in the original, the focal point of the game is its campaign; beautiful cutscenes, humorous dialogue, and epic fights make Strike Force Heroes a remarkable experience. But the game is not over when you’re done with the story. Thanks to unlockable difficulty options, a wide variety of possible builds, and tons of available missions, Strike Force Heroes is almost infinitely replayable. And when you finally decide that you can’t play singleplayer anymore, you’ll have the option to hop into the game’s PvP matches, or invite your friends to beat the campaign in cooperative mode. The possibilities are endless! However, there’s one minor catch. Since this is not a Flash game anymore, compatibility becomes a problem: you cannot natively play this game on Apple-made machines. But there are other ways to do it. The guide below lists several ways to play Strike Force Heroes on Mac.

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