how to play outward definitive edition on mac

How to play Outward Definitive Edition on Mac

Outward is a Souls-like RPG developed by Nine Dots Studio. Outward Definitive Edition is the improved version of the game released in 2022.
In the game, you will explore the world of Aurai – but it will not be an easy journey. It is swarming with dangerous creatures you may have to run from, and the environment itself is working against you. You are susceptible to many infectious diseases native to Aurai, and have to protect yourself against them. To hammer the challenge aspect of this game even further, you must maintain your character’s basic needs – food, water, and sleep.
But for those willing to take on a challenge, Outward offers plenty of content to explore. You can collect and upgrade various weapons, armor, and trinkets – they will boost your abilities and turn once challenging encounters into a breeze. Engage in city-building, and turn a camp full of desperate refugees into a proud center of culture and commerce. Master spellcrafting, a unique game system where you need to follow precise steps to harness magic powers.
The game can be played on PS4 & 5, Xbox One & Series X/S, as well as Windows. Mac is not on this list, but you can play Outward Definitive Edition on Mac too – all you need to do is follow the guide below.

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