how to play wreckfest on mac

How to play Wreckfest on Mac

Wreckfest is a demolition derby simulation game developed by Bugbear, famous for the FlatOut game series. Considering that the game emphasizes precisely the same aspect of racing as FlatOut games did – destruction – it would not be wrong to consider it a spiritual successor to the series.
Wreckfest features both derbies and more traditional racing conduits, as well as a street racing mode; either way, the focus is put on vehicle destruction. By utilizing a soft-body modelling algorithm, the game ensures that cars deform and take damage in a very realistic way. A variety of cars is provided to the player from manufacturers all over the world. Beyond that, Wreckfest offers a very comprehensive system for modifying and upgrading vehicles. You can tune up your engine by giving it some better parts, or you can strap literal iron plates to your car as armor. Go nuts. That said, adding armor to your car would also make it slower and harder to handle; not all modifications are strictly upgrades. And if even this isn’t enough, the game supports modding via Steam Workshop, allowing you to effortlessly add your favorite pizza truck into the game.
The game is available on several platforms: Windows, PlayStation, XBox, even Switch. But to play Wreckfest on Mac, you will need to use third-party software, as it is not natively available. The guide below will outline your options.

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