how to play hydroneer on mac

How to play Hydroneer on Mac

Hydroneer is a base-building sandbox game developed and published by Foulball Hangover. The main focus of the game is automation and mining. Hydroneer’s voxel-based terrain destruction system allows you to dig out massive underground networks in any shape you can imagine. Construct hydraulic machinery to extract valuable resources such as gold, then transport them aboveground for convenience.
Extracting resources is profitable enough on its own, but you can do much more. Take all these raw materials you’ve extracted and turn them into actual trade goods such as jewelry. Streamline that inefficient setup you’ve made at the start of the game and expand it to process more stuff at a time. Dig deeper to find rarer, more valuable resources.
Should you want to take a break from mining and refining resources, the game also offers several things to do on the side. You can go fishing, or construct automatic fish-catching machinery. Farming is another side activity that was introduced in a recent update, which can also be automated.
Hydroneer is currently available only on Windows; there are no plans to port the game on OS X or any game consoles. Nonetheless, it is possible to play Hydroneer on Mac using unofficial software. The guide below provides several options.

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