how to play mordhau on mac

How to play MORDHAU on Mac

MORDHAU is a multiplayer slasher game developed by Triternion. Set during the medieval era, MORDHAU aims to stay realistic and avoid anachronisms; that said, some compromises have been made to ensure that the game is actually fun.
Since MORDHAU is a slasher, the game’s primary focus is close combat; the game offers many melee weapons and even the ability to create your own from parts. The fights are visceral and bloody, featuring dismemberment, as well as other gory things that were a part of any medieval battle. As this may be too realistic for some people, the developers offer an option that makes combat less graphic, disabling blood and gore.
Despite the focus on melee, the game also offers ranged options – primarily bows, but also siege weapons like catapults – as well as mounted combat. Fortifications, breaching and defending them, also play a part in this game. And although game sessions are limited to 80 players, this is still sufficient to convey the chaotic feeling of a real battlefield.
The game can be played on PS 4 & 5, Xbox One & Series X/S, and, of course, Windows. It is also possible to play MORDHAU on Mac, but you will need to use a third-party service such as those listed in the guide below.

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