play trek to yomi on mac os

How to play Trek to Yomi on Mac

Trek to Yomi is an action-adventure game done in a cinematic style. The game is developed by Flying Wild Hog, the studio behind Shadow Warrior 2 and 3. The story of the game revolves around a swordsman named Hiroki and his battle against evil – his failures, and, eventually, successes in this fight. The whole game is done in a black-and-white artstyle, with a grainy filter applied on top. According to the developers, the intent was to make the game look like a silent film from the 1920-1930 era of cinematography. To further enhance the cinematic experience, Trek to Yomi features a memorable soundtrack designed to evoke images of feudal Japan. Traditional Japanese instruments, such as shamisen and taiko drums, have been used extensively.
The gameplay of Trek to Yomi can largely be divided into two distinct parts, exploration and combat. They can be easily distinguished from one another, as combat sections always feature a side-view camera angle – a part of this game’s streamlined approach to combat. The players have several weapons at their disposal – a katana, obviously, but also shurikens, bows, and ozutsu.
Trek to Yomi is available on PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One & Series X/S, and MS Windows. Sadly, there’s no support for Apple computers. But it is still possible to play Trek to Yomi on Mac – the instructions are in the article below.

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