how to play skully on mac

How to play Skully on Mac

Skully is an unusual platforming game where you play as an animated skull. Developed by an indie development studio Finish Line Games, the game received generally positive reviews.
Although most animated skulls possess the supernatural power of floating, which helps them look rather ominous, you are not one of them. Your primary option for movement is rolling, alongside hopping and skipping. Luckily, skulls don’t get dizzy, so nothing will stop you from mastering these movement options. Indeed, this will be necessary to solve the game’s platforming and puzzle challenges.
In addition to your decidedly un-spooky moves, you have access to three different forms, and can transform between them at will. This is hardly the best magic power a skull can have, but it’s not the worst either – choosing the right form for the job will make your second life a lot easier.
Over the course of 18 levels, set in 7 different biomes, you will experience a charming story about a quarrel between several gods. Meanwhile, another deity is trying to end the conflict; this is why you were reanimated in the first place.
Skully is available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and Windows. There’s no OS X version, but you can play Skully on Mac anyway; the guide below will explain the specifics.

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