How to play Dead by Daylight on Mac

Dead by Daylight is a cross-platform bestseller developed and inspired by many horror movies. The multiplayer game collects a vast community of players since 2016. Once started, a group of innocent people drops into a location dedicated to different movies. The most popular one associated with Dead By Daylight is “Friday the 13th” with Jason Voorhees using his iconic machete to hunt down the victims. The purpose of people lies in surviving the horror that endlessly strolls around the area. The exit is locked, so you have to be stealthy and careful whilst finding the escape solutions. Dead by Daylight is not a plotwise game, but a fun way to entertain yourself together with friends. The in-game killers and locations are always updated with new patches adding a bunch of new things to play on. Dead by Daylight also has something to say about graphics – based on Unreal Engine 4 and developed by experienced people will not let you lose the feeling of presence, that something is lurking behind whilst lifting its deadly weapon. Unfortunately, although the game has reached many operating systems so far, it is still yet available on Mac systems. Below, we are going to show the way to fix it and launch Dead by Daylight on macOS despite the odds.

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