how to play gunfire reborn on mac

How to play Gunfire Reborn on Mac

Gunfire Reborn is an adventure game developed and published by Duoyi Games. It puts the players through an endless series of procedurally generated levels, where they have fight enemies in the FPS style. The players will also have the opportunity to earn various upgrades and pick up many different items and weapons during the course of a playthrough. But finally losing the playthrough doesn’t mean a full restart; the game’s meta-progression features allow you to unlock permanent upgrades that will not be lost.
Several different heroes are available to play as; they have different abilities and playstyle (though it may be altered). You cannot play as more than one hero simultaneously, but playing with your friends will allow up to four people, and heroes, to embark on this adventure together.
The game’s high level of randomization and a huge variety of items – there’s more than 100! – and heroes ensure a high degree of replayability. However, only PC, iPhone, Android, Xbox One & Series X/S, PS 4 & 5, and Nintendo Switch owners can embark on this adventure officially. If you want to play Gunfire Reborn on Mac, there are some hops to jump through. Still, it is not impossible, and this guide will explain how to go about it.

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