How to play Wild Hearts on Mac

Wild Hearts is an epic and captivating videogame that embodies the unique hunting experience in a fantasy world inspired by feudal Japan. Players will have to take on the role of a hunter wielding deadly weapons and ancient technology Karakuri to defeat terrifying and mighty creatures. Infused with the power of nature, these giant beasts have been posing a constant danger and seeding destruction to all living beings trying to conduct a peaceful and prosperous life in this world. Now it is your call to resist it and ensure the Kemono’s overwhelming strength is no longer a reason to fear. Apart from having access to a broad range of weapon and armor combinations, players can also use the ancient Karakuri technology, which allows them to adapt the environment and cascade assisting hunting grounds for better tactical advantage over the nature-infused monsters. The world of Wild Hearts is rich and full of beautiful landscapes to explore throughout the gameplay – alone or with friends in cross-platform multiplayer. With its deepening story and fascinating combat mechanics, Wild Hearts offers a truly unique take on the hunting experience in a diverse world that will captivate anyone who decides to play it. At the moment, the game is officially available to play across PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Series S, and Windows. Luckily, there is a way to go beyond this list and play Wild Hearts on macOS too! Check out our guide below to learn how. Our article will also be useful for those who want to play Wild Hearts on Windows at high settings, but do not have enough hardware capacity to do it.

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