How to play PUBG Mobile on PC or Mac

PUBG Mobile is a Battle Royale mobile game developed by Lightspeed & Quantum Studios of Tencent Games – an independent group of developers that managed to copy the original PUBG experience into a mobile world back in 2018. The game draws its players into a well-known battle royal format with hundred of players fighting against each other for their spot on a single map. Each player is gear-naked and tasked to scavenge through various maps to find new weapons, gear, and supplies to craft explosives and self-healing items. There is also a number of diverse vehicle options to find and speed up your journey across continuously-shrinking battle terrain. People who played PUBG on both PCs and smartphones know it is important to keep their hands always on pulse ready to combat enemies and become number 1 at the end of a matchup. Just as any other online game, PUBG Mobile is constantly updated bringing plenty of new content and feelings to its old and young players. PUBG Mobile is developed solely for Android and IOS devices. Despite this, you can still launch it on Mac or Windows to try its gaming experience on a much bigger screen. Learn how to in our tutorial below.

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