How to play Serious Sam 4 on Mac

Since 2001, Serious Sam has been the most popular first-person shooter next to Doom. Now, Croteam has kept this tradition and rolled out the 4th part of the legendary series. A variety of creatures will not let you get bored. With a range of explosive armory, you can slash through tons of vicious mobs and explore new locations around the world. Face and fight new bosses to clear the earth from corrupted essence that invaded the land. The cooperative mode enables you to arm up the squad of 4 players and breakthrough the bloody hell of mysterious creatures together. Based on Serious Engine 4, Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass entails great graphics to ensure eye-satisfying experience throughout the whole game. The game was released on 24 September being available across Windows, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. Unfortunately, developers did not give a chance to play on Mac, but we are here to fix it. So prepare to load your guns up and meat grind the monsters with Serious Sam 4 on Mac systems.

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