how to play simrail on mac

How to play SimRail on Mac

SimRail is a very descriptive name; it very plainly communicates that this game is a railway simulator. But it is not possible to learn all the details about the game this way. So, what kind of railway simulator is SimRail? What does it focus on? What is it good at? In SimRail, you can play as either a train driver or a train dispatcher. As a driver, you will obviously have to control your vehicle. Ensure that your passengers are safe, but make sure to arrive on time. This may sound easy, but it isn’t. Trains are complex machines, and this game accurately recreates all the procedures necessary to drive one. Though, it would be better to say that SimRail many different procedures to drive many different trains; after all, this game allows you to drive both ancient steam locomotives, ultramodern high-speed bullet trains, and everything in between. In the train dispatcher mode, you will control the rail network itself, changing the rail connections so that the trains go where they need to. Just like in the driver mode, you will be able to use both antiquated and modern machinery to accomplish this task. Although SimRail is a Windows exclusive, there are several (unofficial) ways to play SimRail on Mac. Read the article below to learn about them.

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