How to play Life is Strange on Mac

Life is Strange is a graphic adventure videogame series split into episodes with an escalating plot. The entire series count 5 installments with the latest chapter Life Is Strange: True Colors released in 2021. All chapters are played in a third-view perspective where players solve various puzzles by interacting with objects located in the environment. This is accompanied by branching dialogues between other characters that decide the future events depending on how players build them. Some choices may have both short- and long-term consequences affecting the whole plot. Each chapter of Life is Strange offers unique gaming mechanics and plot development to keep players engaged throughout the whole journey. In 2022 developers made a remastered collection that includes all previously released content, but with graphical improvements, refinement of puzzles, and other interesting details making the game different from what players experienced before. For now, Life is Strange: Remastered Collection is officially available for Windows, Xbox, PlayStation, Stadia, and Nintendo Switch platforms. Our guide below shows how you can launch it on macOS although it is not supported officially.

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