how to play deliver us mars on mac

How to play Deliver Us Mars on Mac

Deliver Us Mars is a sci-fi adventure game developed by KeokeN Interactive. Focused on atmosphere, immersion, and narrative, it will put you in the shoes of Kathy Johanson, an astronaut on a dangerous mission.
With the Earth’s resources almost depleted, the humanity was pushed to the brink of extinction, and yet, not all hope is lost. Several massive ships have been built to allow colonization of distant solar systems. They can be used to evacuate the Earth’s population and allow the humanity to resettle somewhere else. But things go very wrong when these massive, colossal ships, somehow, get stolen.
Not much is known about the the group that performed this feat, other than their name: Outward. But their motives, their abilities, their numbers, all of these things are shrouded in mystery. This is your mission. To uncover the secrets of Outward and to recover the colony ships vital for humanity’s survival.
Deliver Us Mars was released on PS4 & 5, Xbox One & Series X/S, as well as Microsoft Windows. There is no official OS X version. And yet, it is possible to play Deliver Us Mars on Mac. How? The guide below will explain.

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