how to play god of weapons on mac

How to play God of Weapons on Mac

God of Weapons is an action-based roguelite game developed by Archmage Labs. It takes the gameplay formula of Vampire Survivors – eliminating hordes of individually weak enemies with powerful auto-firing weapons – and builds on it by adding an aspect of inventory management. Typically, these “Survivors-like”/bullet heaven games allow you to pick up a limited amount of weapons and power-up items, but do not constrain you in any other way. In God of Weapons, however, all items you pick up must be fitted onto a two-dimensional grid of squares. As such, you will be required to consider item size and positioning in addition to effects they have on gameplay. The goal of the game is to ascend the Tower of Zhor; to accomplish this, you will be required to survive a number of progressively harder levels. Several bosses will have to be defeated as well. God of Weapons is available only on Windows PC, but there are several unofficial ways to enjoy this game on Apple computers. Read our guide to learn how to play God of Weapons on Mac.

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