how to play season a letter to the future on mac

How to play SEASON: A letter to the future on Mac

SEASON: A letter to the future is an exploration-focused game developed and published by Scavengers Studio. It tells a story of young woman on a journey to explore the world. She was raised in a remote village and doesn’t know much about civilization, but that’s about to change. Yet, the world she’s about to explore is not our own. In this reality, time is measured in “seasons”. Once a “season” ends, the world ends. Not completely – the stars will keep shining, the planet will remain in one piece – but the civilization and most of its accomplishments will vanish, though new societies will eventually arise. The ultimate purpose of your trip is not only to learn about the world yourself, but to save it, if only in a minor way. Save it from being forgotten. Take pictures, record sounds, and write notes to tell people in the next season something about your own time. Everything can be recorded, but not every recording can be passed along to the future. What will you choose to preserve? Officially, this game is only available on PS4, PS5, and Windows. Unofficially, you can play SEASON: A letter to the future on Mac as well. The guide below offers several options.

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