play fate grand order on pc or mac

How to play Fate Grand Order on PC or Mac

Fate/Grand Order is a game in the JRPG genre, developed by Lasengle. The gameplay mainly revolves around turn-based combat, while the story is presented in the visual novel style. The game is a part of the Fate franchise, and, as such, shares the setting with highly popular visual novel Fate/Stay Night, light novel Fate/Zero, as well as other Fate works. The players familiar with the franchise will find the game’s basic premise familiar – you are a “Master”, a magician that summons and controls “Servants”, which are legendary figures from the past that are given superhuman powers by their legend. For example, one such Servant is King Arthur, an iconic character to the franchise – who is also female in this setting. Just a quirk of the franchise, I’m afraid.
Each player can obtain as many Servants as they want – however, many are difficult to obtain, requiring either significant in-game effort or a purchase made with real money. And while some people might feel that it’s unfair that one can pay to sidestep all the grind, mechanics like this keep the game free to play. It’s not a paywall either – the whole game can be completed with easy-to-obtain, low-rarity Servants. So there’s no real reason to avoid the game just because of its free-to-play nature – and this very nature is what makes it easy to give Fate/Grand Order a try.
One slight problem, however, is that the game is only available on iOS and Android. Not to worry, though, you can still play FGO on PC or Mac. All you have to do is read the guide below to find out how.

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