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How to play Quake II Remastered on Mac

Quake II is an iconic first-person shooter developed all the way back in 1997 by id Software. An enhanced version of the game, simply titled Quake II Remastered was released in August 2023. It includes all expansions for the game, as well as an entirely new campaign “Call of the Machine”, which was designed to take advantage of modern hardware. The new levels are expansive and complex, the enemy variety is great, and they show up in far larger numbers as well. The remaster also features improved AI, which is now much better at navigation and keeping track of the player, and, of course, improved graphics. All models and cutscenes were faithfully recreated, so the game still looks the same as before, just sharper, crisper, and more detailed. Quake II Remastered is available on Windows PC, as well as on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, and even the Nintendo Switch. Since Mac is not one of the supported platforms, a workaround will be needed; nonetheless, it is possible to play Quake II Remastered on Mac. Read the guide below for instructions.

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