how to play undawn on mac

How to play Undawn on Mac

Undawn is an open-world multiplayer survival game developed by Lightspeed Studios. You, along other survivors, will have to brave the elements, fend off wildlife, and take care of your character’s needs. Those include physical needs like Hunger and Hydration, but also mental needs such as Mood. Of course, just getting by isn’t good enough; if you want to thrive, you’ll have to venture out and explore the ruins of civilization. There, you may find unique gear, quests, and events. Of course, most of these places are infested with zombies; if the ruins were safe, someone else would’ve picked them clean long time ago. This is why no one lives in these structures, either. But you will not have to sleep under a bush forever; Undawn has a complex building system and awards each player a whole acre of land to build on. All in all, you should probably give this game a try – especially since it’s free – but there is one issue. Undawn is available on Windows, Android, and iOS, but it doesn’t have a Mac version. Despite this, there are several ways to play Undawn on Mac. Read the guide below for more details.

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