how to play project warlock on mac

How to play Project Warlock on Mac

Project Warlock is a retro-style first-person shooter developed by Buckshot Software. The game’s simplicity and pixelated aesthetic would no doubt appeal to the fans of the original Doom and other shooters of that era. Completely ignoring the trend to make everything open-world, Project Warlock is a linear game featuring 60 levels split into 5 stages. Each stage is vastly different visually, as the protagonist teleports between different realms. The enemies change as well; no need to reuse them when there are 72 types of foes in total. More than three dozen weapons should be enough to dispatch them all, but in case you want more, your character can also cast 8 different spells.
Not everything about this game is completely retro, though. With a slight RPG twist, Project Warlock gives its players the ability to customize their character. Not all weapons and spells are available to you immediately; instead you must research them. You will also be able to put points into different abilities and give your character several perks. This offers some replayability value, as there are many different playstyles to try out.
Although the game is available on Windows, Switch, PS4, and Xbox One, there is no official way to play it on macOS. Not to worry, though, with our guide you will be able to play Project Warlock on Mac anyway.

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