How to play Raft on Mac

Raft is an adventurous game that will launch you into a world of perilous survival over the boundless sea. Whether willing to set up the voyage alone or with a group of friends, Raft will throw you into the challenge of building and reinforcing your lifeboat to explore new civilizations scattered across numerous islands. Be careful, the water beneath is infested with hungry sharks ready to rip your flesh into pieces. So far, the game has raised a lot of positive feedback since 2018 and getting ready to please its community with the second chapter of Raft. The cartoon-like graphics create a gentle atmosphere over the whole course of gaming. Good optimization does not require users to have a high-level performance of PCs, which expands the range of players willing to thrill the experience of such a game even on old configurations. Officially, Raft cannot be played by Macintosh users, which is a shame not having a possibility to collaborate with friends alongside Windows.

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