how to play nioh the complete edition on mac

How to play Nioh: Complete Edition on Mac

Nioh is an action game developed by Koei Tecmo Games; it is the predecessor of Nioh 2. Set in the medieval Japan, the game features many supernatural elements based on Oriental folklore. The Complete Edition is the best way to experience Nioh, as it includes both the original game and all three expansion packs released for it. The story of Nioh follows an unlikely journey of an Irish sailor called William Adams. Entangled in a plot to harvest Amrita, a magical resource found only in Japan, William finds himself imprisoned by the British Crown. And although a water spirit helps him escape, said spirit gets kidnapped shortly afterwards. On a quest to rescue the spirit, William travels to Japan once more. There, he will slay many supernatural creatures known as youkai, and make friends with the others. He will participate in the Japanese civil war, aiding Tokugawa Ieyasu and his efforts to unify the island. His journey will lead him to see many strange things and gain many strange powers, and all of it can be experienced by you. Although Nioh was officially released only on PS4, PS5, and Windows, you can play Nioh: Complete Edition on Mac as well. Read the article below for more information.

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