how to play beyond two souls on mac

How to play Beyond: Two Souls on Mac

Beyond: Two Souls is a story-based adventure game developed and published by Quantic Dream. The protagonist of the game is Jodie Holmes, a seemingly unremarkable girl. Of course, this is not actually true; Jodie has a psychic connection to a strange supernatural being named Aiden, who never leaves her side and lets her see things that others can’t. Unfortunately, this power managed to attract the attention of certain unscrupulous scientists; Jodie will have a lot of challenges to face in the future. During the gameplay, you will be able to play as both Jodie and Aiden. Jodie, on the account of having a physical body, will be going around, exploring, and talking to people, while Aiden will help her using supernatural powers. This unique relationship makes the game perfectly suited for a co-op mode; you can play alone or with a friend. Beyond: Two Souls is available on PS3, PS4, and Windows. As you can see, there is no official Mac version, but there are several ways to get around this. Learn how to play Beyond: Two Souls on Mac by reading our guide.

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