how to play sunkenland on mac

How to play Sunkenland on Mac

Sunkenland is a survival game with a post-apocalyptic scenario. Developed by Vector3 Studio, the game explores the idea of a world almost entirely covered by the ocean. Construct a stronghold on one of the few remaining islands, or choose to live out in the ocean. Though you will have to defend it against pirates, it will allow you to grow crops and craft equipment. However, the best items in the game cannot be crafted; you will need to explore underground ruins to acquire them. Filled with unknown dangers, these remnants of a bygone civilization attract many scavengers, but not many return from their expeditions. You will have to prepare carefully if you wish to survive. For the time being, Sunkenland is a Windows exclusive, though this may change as the game is still in Early Access. Either way, there’s no Mac version of the game available right now, so you will need to use a third-party tool play Sunkenland on Mac. Read our guide for an overview of your options.

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