how to play cities skylines ii on mac

How to play Cities: Skylines II on Mac

Cities: Skylines II is a city-builder game from Paradox Interactive. As a successor to the widely-popular Cities: Skylines, the second game brings in a variety of new game mechanics, quality-of-life changes, and other enhancements. For example, the game now features the ability to build mixed housing, upgrade public amenities, export electricity and other resources, and create special economic zones. The biggest QoL addition is undoubtedly the new road planning system; it allows players to quickly build efficient road networks. As expected, Cities: Skylines II also includes improved visuals. This includes better, more realistic textures, but also the dynamic season system. Your cities will now experience spring, summer, fall, and winter, just like their real-life counterparts. The seasons are not purely visual – indeed, they have a noticeable impact on gameplay – but the best part about them is that they make the cities much more interesting to look at. Cities: Skylines II is available on Windows PC, as well as on the latest generation of PlayStation and Xbox consoles. But you’ll need a third-party tool to get it running on an Apple-made device. Read the guide below to learn how to play Cities: Skylines II on Mac.

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