how to play icarus on mac

How to play Icarus on Mac

Icarus is a session-based survival game designed around cooperative multiplayer developed and published by RocketWerkz. You, among other prospectors, live on an space station orbiting planet Icarus. While it is a dangerous, inimical place with toxic air and hostile wildlife, the planet harbors untold riches of minerals worth exploiting. Most importantly, exotic matter – a resource so valuable that its existence on Icarus singlehandedly justified all investments made into that miserable rock.
Yet, the place is so unhospitable to human life that special strategies must be devised to harvest its natural resources. Even in protective gear, humans can only survive on the surface of Icarus for a very limited period of time, requiring all prospecting to be done during short, time-limited missions. As a prospector, you will be required to promptly accomplish each missions objectives and evacuate in time. The orbital station cannot come back for those who have loitered – any delay may result in you being left on Icarus to die. The resources you harvest are not merely for sale, though – special technologies can be developed to assist you in accomplishing these painfully time-sensitive goals. Up to eight prospectors may embark on a single mission – cooperating will improve your chances of success.
Although the game is available only on Microsoft Windows, you can play Icarus on Mac as well. How? Read the guide below to discover.

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