how to play farthest frontier on mac

How to play Farthest Frontier on Mac

Farthest Frontier is a single-player town-builder simulator developed by Crate Entertainment. Get ready to be put into a desolate and untamed environment full of unreaped resources – waiting to be converted into a human civilization by someone like you! Cast your own place of living against all the threats dwelling outside. Harvest raw materials, go out fishing, set up your farms, and engage in trade to survival under strenuous conditions. Take care of your villagers by ensuring they are fed with healthy food and clean water – to avoid outbreaks of various diseases such as dysentery or cholera. Farthest Frontier is a game about being one step ahead – forecasting contingencies and avoiding them. For instance, you will have to make sure all villagers are properly shoed and clothed to reduce chances of contracting tetanus, rabies or frostbite. Ensure there is medicine and qualified staff to treat infected people and prevent deaths in your population. The game is developed on Unity and available only for Microsoft Windows. Luckily, there is a way to go beyond the boarders and play it on macOS too! Read our guide below to find out how.

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