how to play chivalry 2 on mac

How to play Chivalry 2 on macOS Monterey

Chivalry 2, by Torn Banner Studios, is a medieval slasher game. Although it bears a passing resemblance to Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, the games are actually quite different. While Mount & Blade, as a series, has always tried to offer a sandbox experience, with traveling, fighting, trading, diplomacy, and other actions to engage in, Chivalry 2 is a pure slasher. There is nothing in this game beyond combat; on the upside, combat is done well. The game’s in-depth attack and counter system, limb-losing mechanics, and smooth controls ensure that you will have a fun experience playing. Unfortunately, the game cannot promise a consistent experience due to its multiplayer-only nature, but playing with humans can offer a challenge, too.
Chivalry 2 offers four different classes to choose from: the Knight, the Vanguard, the Archer, and the Footman. Each of them has three subclasses as well, providing quite a lot of different options overall. To help players stand out from each other, the game also provides a robust visual customization system.
Although it is available to play on Windows, PS4 & 5, XBox One & Series X/S, the game is not natively available on Mac. This doesn’t mean you can’t play it, however; read the guide below to learn how to play Chivalry 2 on Mac.

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How to play Chivalry 2 on Mac

Developed by Torn Banner Studios, Chivalry 2 is a multiplayer first-person videogame offering to delve into the world of medieval. Players are out to experience monumental clashes between knights, vanguards, archers, and other classes of hostile kingdoms. The warrior to fight for has no time to chill, but slash through tons of other players with sharp-edged swords and blazing arrows. Join together with friends and blitz through the castles of neighboring kingdoms. No matter how bruised or bleeding you are, there is no excuse to escape the battle of doughty knights. Raise the swords and storm through hilarious voices moaning around. Chivalry 2 is truly exciting and captivating to play for another day of the week. Unfortunately, it is only available for Windows, Xbox, and PlayStation series. Whilst that is a shame for Mac owners, we have are happy to say that you can launch it on macOS despite circumstances. Simply follow the guide below and you will be able to play Chivalry 2 on Mac as well.

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