how to play isonzo on mac

How to play Isonzo on Mac

Those of you sick of World War 2 games, rejoice. Isonzo, a game developed by M2H and BlackMill Games, does something different while staying within the genre of historical shooter. This game, along its companions Tannenberg and Verdun, comprise the WW1 Game Series, giving some attention to this – generally underappreciated by the media – time period. Isonzo in particular is named after the Isonzo river in Italy, a region that saw multiple battles over the course of World War 1.
The game does not limit itself to these confrontations, however; it covers most historically important fights on the Italian Front. The mountainous terrain adds an element of verticality, but this is not the only way landscape affects fights in this game. Aiming for realism and accuracy, Isonzo requires its players to maintain cover, either via natural obstacles, or player-placed sandbags. Barbed wire can be placed too; this will slow your enemies down as they have to either circumvent or cut it with wire cutters. Of course, you will find yourself on both sides of this obstacle. With terrain based on real life, six different classes, and many other historically accurate features, Isonzo is a treat for any lover of historical shooters.
Unlike Tannenberg and Verdun, however, Isonzo is not natively available on Mac. This guide will explain how to run Isonzo on Mac anyway, using third-party solutions.

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