how to play sea of stars on mac

How to play Sea of Stars on Mac

Sea of Stars is a roleplaying game with pixel graphics and turn-based combat. It was developed and published by Sabotage Studio, a Quebec-based team of game developers. Aiming to be a classic RPG, Sea of Stars combines exploration, combat, puzzles, and, of course, storytelling. Traversing the world never feels boring; you will be climbing, jumping, and swimming more often than simply walking. The combat is similarly engaging. Though it is turn-based for the most part, many moves require precise reflex-based inputs. For example, one of the characters throws a boomerang, which must be deflected in time to strike multiple times. To break the pace, fighting is interspersed with various types of puzzles. The story is fairly typical for the genre, exploring archetypal RPG tropes of adventure and friendship. That’s not to say it’s bland, though; quite the opposite, it’s emotional and fun to follow. This game is available on Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, as well as on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. MacOS is not supported, but there are several ways to play Sea of Stars on Mac unofficially. Keep reading to learn more.

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