how to play persona 5 royal on mac

How to play Persona 5 Royal on Mac

Persona 5 Royal is an RPG videogame bringing its players to the fascinating anime world. Get to play for a second-year high school student who moved to Tokyo and now studies at Shujin Academy. Once upon a time, having his back against the wall, the superpower will unleash changing his life beyond recognition. Since then, the main protagonist is set to live a double life as a normal student, and Phantom Thief to find corrupt adult minds and make them change their ways. Use your superpowers to fight injustice and clear the world of evil. Explore each dime of the majestic Tokyo, make new friends, and capitalize on established bonds in the future. Persona 5 Royal is very diverse offering alternative endings, plot twists, and a bunch of downloadable content to extend your experience. While this whole adventure is officially possible on many platforms, there is no Mac around the list. Not a problem at all! Here is our guide to fix this and allow a fully immersive Persona 5 Royal experience even on macOS!

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