play dirt rally 2.0 on mac

How to play DiRT Rally 2.0 on Mac

DiRT Rally 2.0 is a racing game by Codemasters. The game has a very descriptive name – the “dirt” part is accurate as many of the game’s races take place off-road, sometimes in poor weather conditions as well. The “rally” part is accurate as well, as rally and rallycross are indeed the main focus of the game. DiRT Rally 2.0 is very realistic, featuring many complex models to ensure the accuracy of the gameplay. For example, weather affects how well the tires grip the road or the ground. The track deteriorates as cars drive on it, which isn’t a purely visual effect either. Cars themselves can suffer damage as well, which can make driving more difficult or even result in an automatic loss if the condition’s got too bad. With all these complexities, it is understandable that the game is considered a simulator.
People who care about simulation accuracy may be further reassured by learning that this game is a part of the Colin McRae Rally and Dirt video game series. The series is named as such because Colin McRae, a World Rally Championship driver, was Codemasters’ chief advisor when it came to all these details. And while newer games, like this one or DIRT 5, did not directly benefit from his assistance, seeing as he passed away in 2007, Codemasters are obviously still applying what they’ve learned from him.
The game is available only on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Nonetheless, it is still possible to play DiRT Rally 2.0 on Mac, and to learn how to do it, you’ll have to read the guide below.

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