how to play definitely not fried chicken on mac

How to play Definitely Not Fried Chicken on Mac

Definitely Not Fried Chicken is a fairly unique take on a management sim genre. You will be managing a seemingly legitimate fast food store, however, this is arguably the least important part of your business. Your real trade is in drugs, and the restaurant is merely a front. Thus, the majority of your efforts will not be focused on fried chickens; you have more profitable products to sell. Instead, you’ll be cultivating cannabis or synthesizing meth in the back of your legitimate stores, performing research to make your drugs more potent or addictive, and building inconspicuous defenses to prevent undesirables from getting in. We advise you not to neglect the legitimate aspect of the business entirely, though; a restaurant that sells no food will look mighty suspicious to the cops. If you ever wanted to control an underground drug empire, Definitely Not Fried Chicken will be the safest way to satisfy the urge. Technically speaking, the game is a Windows exclusive; other operating systems, like macOS and Linux, are not supported. But worry not. There are several unofficial ways to play Definitely Not Fried Chicken on Mac; you can learn about them by reading the guide below.

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