play space engineers on mac

How to play Space Engineers on Mac

Merged in the lab of Keen Software House, Space Engineers is a videogame about construction and survival in space full of unexplored resources. In this game, players are given unlimited options to build their spaceships and other equipment to explore the limitless universe. Space Engineers is largely based on realistic mechanisms inspired by physics and modern spacecraft. It is what a future would look like with tons of new technologies and building techniques no one can bear in mind. You can participate in this whole adventure with up to 16 friends or fully alone. Both cooperative and competitive modes allow players to go in line with others or compete apart to fight off and survive. It is a truly interesting and ambient videogame giving a chance to show all of the creativity one has. Unfortunately, it is only available for Windows and Xbox platforms. There is no chance you can play it on Mac unless you read our guide. This is where we explain how to play it on macOS right below.

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