how to play undisputed on mac

How to play Undisputed on Mac

Undisputed is a boxing game developed and published by Steel City Interactive. People who are not into this sport may believe that boxing is all about throwing punches, but real fans know better. And Undisputed wants to cater to these fans.
There is, obviously, quite a lot of punching involved, but it happens in a complicated way, just like in the real sport. Undisputed aims to recreate the fluidity of real-world movements by providing the players with more than 60 different punching moves, many defensive moves, and even foot movement mechanics. Of course, fighting is intense and exhausting, so you will have to manage stamina, too.
But even a sport like boxing isn’t purely physical. There’s plenty of strategy involved as well. For one, not all fighters are the same. Both you and your opponent have attributes and traits. You will have to make sure your playstyle matches your strengths. You also have the ability to outsmart your opponents; confuse them with feint moves and attack from a direction they don’t expect.
Currently, Undisputed is available only on Microsoft Windows. There are plans to release the game on Xbox Series X/S and PS5 as well, but there are no plans for a Mac release. Despite this, you can play Undisputed on Mac. How? The guide below will answer this question.

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