How to play Atomic Heart on Mac

Atomic Heart is a long-anticipated videogame that has finally made its tribute to the action/RPG world among other iconic gaming hits. Inspired by the USSR’s history, this game features events of an alternative universe during the height of the Soviet Union in 1955. This is the time of massive technological breakthroughs where advanced robotics, ubiquitous AI, and other technological wonders coexist together for the good of a peaceful and prosperous world. However, one day as the whole country and scientific elite get ready to make another leap in the evolution of humans with the newly-introduced protocol promised to change lives beyond recognition, something goes awry and the recently prosperous world gets dawned by the dark. Taking on the role of a presupposed KGB agent, players are tasked to stop the whole mess and prevent the grand-scale catastrophe. Your best friend on this mission is an experimental power glove and a variety of weapons, ranging from close combat to low-range weaponry and gadgets that, be sure, will aid you throughout the journey with lots of bloody and intense encounters waiting ahead. One of the most notable features of Atomic Heart is its stunning graphics and art style. The game’s environment is filled up with tons of incredibly unique and epic visual elements with pervasive Soviet-era architecture featuring beautiful posters, artworks, and imagery. Atomic Heart will by far captivate players with its rich and immersive storyline where each decision made can impact the game’s overall narrative. Players will also be able to explore the world freely and uncover hidden secrets along with the main story. Whether it surpassed or did not quite meet the expectations of some players, Atomic Heart will nonetheless promise to keep you engaged and fascinated throughout the whole gameplay. Unfortunately, the official platform list does not include support for macOS users. Luckily, there are a couple of ways you can bypass it and play this action-RPG masterpiece with satisfying graphics on macOS too! Read our guide below to learn how. It will also be helpful for people who do not have enough hardware capacity to play this game on Windows, for instance.

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