How to play Sifu on Mac

Sifu is a game in the beat ’em up genre developed by Sloclap. The game’s title, “sifu”, is a Chinese word that can be translated as “skillful person”, “teacher”, or “master”. That should give a hint about the game’s setting – yes, it is all about martial arts. Set in modern China, the game tells a story about a son of a martial arts school’s sifu. Said sifu has been killed, and now it’s up to his son to avenge him. The next eight years of his life are spent rigorously training, and then, the game begins.
The game is played from a 3rd person view, and allows the player to perform a range of different moves. Obviously, there are attacks, but there’s also blocking, evading, and parrying. The attacks can also be chained to perform a “combo attack”. Combo attacks change depending on what moves were chained, and, owing to this, the game boasts more than 150 different attacks. There are many different combinations possible, after all.
Sifu received much praise from the critics – evidently, the game’s intense combat, sense of aesthetics, and the narrative have made an impression. So it only makes sense that people want to play it themselves, too. But there’s a slight problem with that. The game is only available on Windows, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5, so a Mac owner would not be able to play the game… without our guide that is. Read the article below to learn how to play Sifu on Mac despite the lack of a port.

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