how to play prominence poker on mac

How to play Prominence Poker on Mac

Prominence Poker is – you guessed it – a poker game, developed and published by Pipeworks Studios. The game takes place in a city named Prominence, founded by some rather shady and unscrupulous characters. Naturally, it is a haven for gambling, and for some strange reason, the mayor of the city has taken an interest in you.
This is the premise of the game’s singleplayer mode, but it features multiplayer as well. Arguably an even more important part of the game, the multiplayer provides so many options that any poker enthusiast will be satisfied with the selection. It features casual and ranked modes, daily challenges, regular events, and tournaments. AI players will join the game if there aren’t enough human ones; though it’s not quite the same, they too are capable of posing a challenge.
The game also provides an additional incentive to play well and win. Poker chips can be used to purchase character customization items such as headwear, accessories, and table items.
Prominence Poker can be played on Windows, PS4, and Xbox One. But you can also play Prominence Poker on Mac, even though it is not officially supported. Read our guide below to learn how to accomplish this.

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