how to play dinkum on mac

How to play Dinkum on Mac

Dinkum provides a whole new look on engaging and entertaining builder-survival where players are to establish their new home in various challenging locations. Be it a desolate and scorching desert, tropical eucalyptus forests, or virginly-untouched islands, you will have to thrust all of your hard skills to collect resources and improve the living conditions. Build your own town and customize it by crafting various items. Develop the infrastructure to attract nearby visitors and motivate them to stay for town development. Stay on alert and protect your terrain against disruptive insects or unpredictable weather scenarios to let the crop live. Explore wildlife areas with dangerous creatures to find new items and turn them into an asset. Become part of an absolutely unique town-building simulator developed by James Bendon and cooperate with friends to share this joy together. The game is currently available under official release for Windows, however, users reading this guide will have a chance to break the wall and launch it on macOS too! Simply scroll down a bit.

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