How to play Democracy 4 on Mac

Developed and published by Positech Games, Democracy 4 offers an in-game simulation of running a country. The fourth chapter has brought both new and old patterns of governing a country from the entire series. It is a challenge-packed game forcing players to think of solutions towards drastically growing problems. Income inequality, automation, climate change, and tons of other problems concerning your population are yet to be solved on behalf of your candidacy. As a president or prime minister, it is your responsibility to propose ideas inside of 7 policy areas to earn votes in upcoming elections. The game allows you to delve into learning aspects of social and political lives within big governmental structures. It is an arduous, yet interesting path towards achieving the welfare of all people living within a country. Democracy 4 is playable on Windows only. If you are the one willing to play it on Mac as well, follow our tutorial below. We will show you how despite official incompatibility.

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