how to play visage on mac

How to play Visage on Mac

Visage is a first-person game developed by SadSquare Studio in the genre of psychological horror. Explore a massive house warped by the horrors that took place in it. Rooms change once you leave them and enter again. Corridors don’t lead where they should. Ghosts haunting the mansion watch your every step from dark corners. They will attack if they sense the opportunity, but maintaining a high sanity score will stave them off.
What could have happened here, for this place to alter reality so thoroughly? Madness has touched the minds of previous inhabitants, causing them to turn on each other, committing murder and suicide alike. How did this happen? Who – or what – was behind that? Explore this inhospitable place and uncover the answers, lest you perish and become one of the shadows in the corner yourself. Search for the clues to put together grisly stories of what has happened in the past; no matter how dreary the experience is, it is your only way out.
The game is available on PS4 & 5, Xbox One & Series X/S, and Microsoft Windows. Although macOS did not receive official support, it is still possible to play Visage on Mac. Read the guide below for instructions.

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