how to play time wasters on mac

How to play Time Wasters on Mac

Time Wasters is a bullet heaven game developed and published by Proton Studio. In this space-themed roguelite, you will have to assume the control of a spaceship and fend off waves of enemies. There are 12 playable characters in this game, called Captains. All of them have a unique primary weapon and several unique upgrades; as a result, they feel very different from each other. The survival game mode features fairly short runs, around five to ten minutes in length. This can be both an upside or a downside, depending on your outlook. Additionally, Time Wasters features Loyalty Challenges, exceptionally difficult missions that are restricted to a specific Captain. These challenges will be hard even if you purchase all meta-progression upgrades; you’ll need both these upgrades and your skill as a player to complete them. Overall, Time Wasters is a game worth playing, especially considering its low price. However, you may have noticed that it is not available on Mac. But don’t let such pesky inconveniences trouble you; with the right tool, you can play Time Wasters on Mac anyway. Keep reading for an overview of your options.

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