how to play kingdom maker on pc, how to play kingdom maker on mac

How to play Kingdom Maker on PC or Mac

Kingdom Maker, by Scopely Inc. is a medieval strategy game that can be played on iOS and Android. It is an open-world game focused, unsurprisingly, on various aspects of ruling a kingdom – building up a city, breeding noble dynasties, amassing armies and sending them into war with other kingdoms. Diplomacy is also an option, of course – players have an option to join an alliance, which provide various economic and military benefits.
It is possible to recruit Champions – exceptionally capable people who will lead your armies during battles. Different Champions provide different benefits, so it is advisable to recruit more than just a few – this way, you will be able to choose between them based on the situation you’re dealing with. Some Champions can also improve your kingdom’s industry and economy. Finally, they can be equipped with rare and powerful gear that will boost their abilities even further – and those who get attached to them can customize their appearance.
Unlike many base-building games available on smartphones, Kingdom Maker makes a point to be f2p-friendly, which undoubtedly contributed to its phenomenal 4.9/5 rating on Apple App Store.
Even though it is a smartphone exclusive, it is possible to play Kingdom Maker on PC as well. Follow the guide below for instructions – they will also explain how to play Kingdom Maker on Mac.

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