play we were here forever on mac

How to play We Were Here Forever on Mac

Being awaken in a place surrounded by daunting cell prisons under the sinister castle, you and your partner will have to seek a way out by cooperating together. Each stage of the game is part of Castle Rock’s puzzles prepared by scary and mysterious forces. Players will have to unite and work their brains through various riddles while progressing through the ever-growing challenges of the Castle Rock kingdom. You and your friend will be able to explore a number of inexplicable places hiding dangers and secrets. What led you to the desolate castle? Are you trapped there forever with no escape out? – This is what you are yet to discover together through a series of thrilling and puzzling events. Immerse yourself into the dark chambers of the official We Were Here franchise – the third game called We Were Here Forever – or not? This game is currently available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Windows. While there is no Mac around this list, we are going to teach how one can launch it regardless. Just read our article below.

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