how to play my summer car on mac

How to play My Summer Car on Mac

My Summer Car is a car mechanic simulator developed and published by Amistech Games. Although driving is a prominent activity within the game, is it far from the only thing you will have to do. For example, you do not even start the game with a working car; you will have to assemble one. With more than a hundred different parts in the game, this is no easy task – just like in real life. Once finished, you will be able to use your car to participate in rallies, or simply to drive around for fun. But the mechanical concerns don’t end once the car is assembled; it will need maintenance and, occasionally, even repair. And if you have some in-game money to spare, you will also be able to improve it by purchasing and installing various aftermarket components. As such, you will be able to customize the car and make it truly yours. My Summer Car is officially available only on Microsoft Windows. But there are several tricks that can be used to play My Summer Car on Mac as well. To learn more about them, read the article below.

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